spicegrove overview 

Audrey spent her formative years on her family farm called Spicegrove!  As tradition, Sorrel (Roselle) drink is a special treat during the Christmas holidays. She can remember her mother brewing fresh sorrel with ripe pimento (Allspice) and ginger farmed on their property!  Audrey's mother would soak (steep) the sorrel in white rice, our local white rum, sweet wine and sugar up to 6 months before Christmas!  The grown-ups referred to it as “big people sorrel”.  As kids if  they were lucky enough to have a taste it was always a treat!  The spicy aroma that filled their home and it stayed with her over the years!! Over the years Audrey made sorrel of her own, however she wanted to make a ‘healthy’ version of what her mother made. Sorrel is high in fiber, potassium, and contains a wide range of vitamins such as calcium, niacin, riboflavin and other compounds. Audrey's vision is to introduce sorrel not only as a healthy, vibrant fun drink of choice, but also to make different sorrel products as well.   

We started Spicegrove to develop products using petals from the roselle flower, a species of hibiscus found in many parts of the world.

After years of serving her homemade drink to friends and family,  Audrey’s decided to start bottling it and as she started gaining more followers, she realized the world needed to try her creation.